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We can put an end to the sexual abuse of our children.

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VISION: Creating a world where no child is ever sexually molested, and adults are able to provide safe, stable and nurturing relationships.

MISSION:Through honest communication, NOOW America Foundation is bringing the facts of child sexual abuse into the light of day, where solutions can be found, creating an environment of safe, stable, nurturing relationships.

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Latest News & Blogs

Let me tell you how I became involved in putting an end to the sexual abuse of children. It began over four years ago. My hero is a 7-year-old girl My hero had the courage to tell her mom she was being sexually molested. One weekend,  I drove to Washington County, the birthplace of Texas, to visit my dearest friends.   When I arrived the atmosphere was thick with anger and helplessness.  You see they had just gone through a two-year … read more