I wrote this poem a year or so ago.
It is for every person who has experienced any kind of child abuse and trauma.
You are not alone.

I call it

A Million Miles Led Astray

I sit here by myself in my home with my puppy content but not.

And my mind is a million miles led astray.   Didn’t say bye, just left.


Walking wounded still in pain as we try desperately not to go insane.

Inner child, little girl sweet little boy, you are more brave than if you had gone to war.


And you did survive even though you aren’t sure –

you lived it and breathed it and you won’t have to go through that pain anymore.


And here we all are, millions and millions of us,

wondering what in the hell just happened and why am I here in this adult body, still filled with fear.


If I know nothing else in this crazy world,

I know that those who are survivors are the Strength, not the Pain.

We are the Light, not the Dark. We are the Innocents, playing our harp.

So come on gorgeous angels, dry your tears.


We are all finally together just when we thought the end was near.

And now our lives are just beginning because we are setting ourselves free.

We’ve earned it, we deserve it, it is our right to be.

                                                                                                                                                                                                      ~ Randa Fox