I am a warrior.  I am a survivor.  I am many, many things.  Most recently, I found out I have a tumor in my breast that is cancer.  It isn’t my cancer.  I don’t own it.   I didn’t want it.    It is NOT my exit strategy.

It’s Easier to Build Up a Child Than to Repair An Adult

I am also an advocate and activist to PREVENT the abuse of our children, and to help those adults who have experienced abuse and trauma to continue on their healing journey

After learning about the ACE Study (Adverse Childhood Experiences Study) 4 years ago, I learned that when a child experiences abuse and trauma, that it changes their brains neurologically.  As the child grows (and depending if there are grown-ups in the child’s life who offer a safe, stable and nurturing environment) the after-effects of the abuse and trauma can lead to depression, suicide attempts, criminal behavior, alcohol addiction, drug addiction, and diseases, such as C.O.P.D.,  Cancer, Diabetes, etc.


This study, done by Dr. Vincent Felitti and Dr. Bob Alda, in 1998, has gone largely ignored by many.  Everyone knows that child abuse happens, but that is often as far as our knowledge goes.  The ACE Study is important in many ways, including the fact that our country spends around $80 BILLION a year dealing with the after-effects of child abuse.

Let me bring this down to a personal level.  I am a survivor of child sexual abuse.  I continue to work toward healing from this pain.  And yet, when I think I’ve put it all behind me, I find myself feeling like that little girl who didn’t understand what was happening to her, and had no control to stop it.  That is how I feel now, with this new diagnosis.

That brings me to the next chapter of my life.  One where I kick this uninvited guest’s ass, and heal and become stronger, and healthier and more powerful.  I am not a little girl any more.  I am the parent to my own inner child and she is very safe and loved.

Get ready world, because there is nothing like a Two Time Survivor who refuses to remain silent about this global epidemic.  Yes both global epidemics.  Child abuse and Cancer.   Neither one are acceptable.  And together we can put an end to both and continue on our own individual healing journey.