Not On Our Watch America Foundation is an approved Nonprofit Trust Foundation dedicated to the prevention of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA).

We accomplish this with two main methods. First, we raise awareness about this issue with public service announcements, advertisements, billboards,  websites, blogs, articles, books, films, documentaries, screenings, speaking engagements, round table meetings with community leaders, community events and more. This is our first method because without presenting the facts and statistics about this epidemic of Child Sexual Abuse, the public will not know the true scale of this epidemic that affects every fifth child, and millions of adult survivors.

Not On Our Watch America Foundation also provided peer to peer Support Groups for Adult Survivors of Child Abuse (physical, emotional and sexual) to any adult who has experienced abuse and trauma as a child.  We are able to do this with the support of the Morris Foundation and One of the benefits of attending ASCA meetings is experiencing the sense of community that develops between survivors who are discovering that they are not alone in their abuse experiences and recovery efforts.  Contact Randa Fox at 713-447-0489 or message me here for more information.

We understand that this epidemic does not have one solution or one organization with all the answers, so as a Charitable Trust Foundation, our second method is to raise funds and resources that will be distributed to multiple other nonprofits who have proven applications in preventing CSA and the after effects. This way we are helping to create a solid foundation of nonprofits geared toward creating the many solutions needed to end CSA and not focusing on just one.  When people contribute to NOOWAF, they are helping create a coalition of organizations with the same end results in mind.

We also want to ensure that transparency is a key component in all of our processes from choosing the nonprofits who we give grants to, to following up with how the grant is used by the nonprofits, to how our budget is implemented. We want to show our donors how their money and resources are being used and the effectiveness achieved in reaching our goals.

Before we ever give any grants or resources out, we have an interview process with potential nonprofits that will ensure how the grant or resources will be used and how we will measure the effectiveness after the grant or resources have been received.This will all help build the necessary trust we need in creating a strong, solution-oriented coalition of organizations dedicated to ending CSA.