Not On Our Watch America Foundation


Not On Our Watch America Foundation (NOOW) is a 501 (c) (3) Charitable Trust Foundation dedicated to ending the sexual abuse of children.   This effort was initiated by Founder and Director, Randa Fox.   She saw the courage of a 7 year old child who was brave enough to break her silence about being sexually molested by her uncle and the trajectory of her life was changed forever.

This child’s courage led to charges being filed and a jail sentence being handed down to the young girl’s abuser. The jail sentence was 90 days in the county jail and 10 years Deferred Adjudication.    This slap on the wrist sparked her desire for action to end the sexual abuse of children.    In speaking out, she received the attention of Fox News’ Randy Wallace, who did a two part expose on this case which aired in 2011.  Fox News was also in court less than a year later when it was learned that the uncle had 12 probation violations.  Charles Makowski was finally sentenced to 20 years and was taken away in handcuffs.

Once Randa began evaluating how to best act in ending the sexual abuse of children, she realized there were already many organizations achieving great success in different areas in this field.  Ms. Fox decided to create a charitable trust that would allow her to collaborate and assist other nonprofits who are doing amazing work to prevent the sexual abuse of children,  and who are helping to create healthier families.    Randa Fox has dedicated her life to bringing awareness and change to the very real epidemic of child sexual abuse.  She refuses to remain silent and is committed to her community in helping to identify best practices in how we can prevent child sexual abuse.

Thanks to the Morris Foundation and Randa acts as Facilitator for 2+ Peer to Peer Support Groups for Adult Survivors of Child Abuse in Houston.   She understands the urgency in putting important information into the hands of parents and communities, and is passionate in shining a light on the realities of being a survivor of sexual abuse as a child and how it can continue to affect adult lives in hundreds of ways.  (See the ACE Study @ for more facts about the long-term effects of Child Sexual Abuse.)

Ms. Fox’s most important contribution is her ability to INSPIRE and provide HOPE in the face of this very difficult and very real epidemic.