Founder & Trustee: Randa Fox


Randa Fox, founder and CEO of the non-profit Not On Our Watch America Foundation, is a childhood sexual abuse survivor. Eight years ago a very brave seven year old changed Randa’s world when she told her mother, Randa’s friend, that she was being sexually abused.  Randa joined the family’s efforts to make sure this little girl would have judicial and social services to stop the perpetrator and to heal. She was shocked to discover that she and this little girl are part of 42 million women and men who have been victims of childhood sexual abuse.
Her determination to end this abuse resulted in a foundation that provides education about sexual abuse through public talks, multi media presentations and survivor group counseling. The foundation provides hope and resources to victims and raises money for charities who do the hard front line work in this fight.
Randa is dedicated to eradicating child sexual abuse.  She is a fierce advocate and a gentle listener. She brings an experienced business mind and a warrior’s heart to this issue.


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