According to The National Plan to Prevent the Sexual Abuse and Exploitation of Children, below are actions to prevent child sexual abuse and exploitation that You can do as an individual

Can One Person Make a Difference?


♦  Promote adult and community responsibility for prevention so that children’s risks for being victims or for victimizing others are reduced or eliminated.

♦   Educate adults, youth and children about the harm caused by treating others as sexual objects to be used, bought or sold, whether in-person or through the Internet and cellular technologies.

♦ Provide the clear and consistent messages that sexually inappropriate, coercive, abusive or exploitative behavior is harmful and wrong.

♦ Encourage everyone to speak up against incidents or messages that normalize sexual harm, abuse or exploitation.

♦   Speak against messages that portray children in ways that suggest they possess the same sexual interests as adults or are sexual objects for adults’ use or abuse.

♦   Advocate and support research to investigate the factors that contribute to adults’ sexual interest in children.

♦   Visit our website ( for the Coalition’s Prevention Fact Sheet.

♦  Recognize that by identifying and speaking up against the hyper-sexualized treatment of children and other sexual harm to children, you help end the demand.

♦ Look for examples of clothes, toys, music, entertainment, and other media that contribute to the sexual objectification of children.  When you find them, write letters to the editor, to company presidents, and to others who may have an impact on changing those products or messages.  You can demand the change for children.

♦  Talk with others in all your spheres of influence (e.g. faith groups, professional organizations, civic organizations, family, community) about why so many adults see children as sexual objects and why so many so many adolescents and children see themselves similarly.

♦  When you are aware  of businesses profiting from the sexual objectification, abuse, or exploitation of children, demand they stop before you give them your business.  Visit

♦  Understand and monitor the technologies that children are using.

♦  Develop relationships with your local, state, and federal representatives and educate them about child sexual abuse and exploitation.  Offer them suggestions about the child sexual abuse and exploitation.  Offer them suggestions about the kinds of laws they can develop to counter the sexual harm of children.

♦  Send the Coalition examples of successful prevention policy actions you have developed and implemented so that they can be shared with others.

♦  Use Facebook, YouTube, and other social media outlets to build awareness, express support, and encourage active involvement in the issue.

♦  Contact organizations already working to end child sexual abuse and exploitation and offer your support.

♦  Suggest ways they can invite other youth and adults to have a role in a community plan to prevent child sexual abuse and exploitation.


Parenting Classes in Houston

Education is the root of every successful movement.

ESCAPE Family Resource Center is changing the world one family at a time by offering parenting classes to families struggling to create loving, harmonious homes.

While the stress and challenges of raising a child are unique to every family, our master’s-level instructors are experts in parenting and child development. They understand the complexity of various types of families and circumstances.

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, most of ESCAPE’s classes are offered at no cost or very low cost and are available in English and Spanish.

ESCAPE partners with many area agencies to provide our parenting programs on-site in Harris, Fort Bend, Chambers, Liberty, and Galveston counties. Some examples of our collaborating agencies:

Community Centers such as MET Early Head Start-Grangerland Community Center
Apartment Complexes such as Brompton Apartments
Schools (11 Districts), Community Colleges and Universities
Shelters such as Fort Bend Women’s Center and Houston Area Women’s Shelter
Religious Organizations such as Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church and Trinity Baptist Church
Child Protective Agencies (Galveston, Liberty, and Fort Bend)
Correctional Facilities
And many more!

To learn more about our parenting classes, click on one of the programs listed at the left of this page. Feel free to call us to discuss which course may best suit your needs.

To participate in any upcoming class, you must first register with ESCAPE.

Call at (713) 942-9500

Building Confident Teens

Adolescence is an extended period of transition from reliance on adults to independence. It is also a golden time to acquire attitudes, competencies, values and social skills that will carry teens forward to successful adulthood. Parents and caregivers play a crucial role in helping teenagers navigate through this important phase. In the United States, at least 25 percent of teens are at serious risk of not achieving “productive adulthood” and face such risks as substance abuse, adolescent pregnancy, school failure, and involvement with the juvenile justice system. Now is the time to take action and learn about “Building Confident Teens“.

Building Confident Teens provides parents and teens with knowledge of risk factors of unhealthy relationships, and provides practical tools to prevent delinquency.

This program will begin with learning teenage development and brain functioning. Participants will discover various techniques to prevent youth violence, electronic aggression, negative peer pressure, criminal delinquency and substance abuse. We will also provide valuable information about developing healthy diet habits, dealing with peer pressure, and the importance of setting family goals.

  • Who may attend: Only parents and teens/pre-teens (ages 9-17)
  • Length: Seven 2-hour sessions
  • Cost: $25 per individual or family (covers registration and materials)
  • Program brochure: English | Spanish

To participate in an upcoming class, you must first register with ESCAPE.

Call at (713) 942-9500.


How to Speak to your Child about Sexuality

Sexuality is one of the most profoundly difficult and important topics to discuss with children. Sensible education about sexuality is one of the most effective ways to prevent child sexual abuse. This class helps prevent children from becoming victims of sexual abuse or engaging in risky sexual behaviors early in life.

Parents learn how to introduce sexual health information to children at different ages. All family members learn how to talk about topics such as male and female reproductive organs, pregnancy, STDs, HIV/AIDS and related issues.

The class for parents is entitled How to Speak with Your Child Regarding Sexuality. The class for pre-teens/adolescents is referred to as How to Speak to Your Parents About Sexuality and the class for elementary/pre-school age children is known as Safe and Healthy Choices for Kids.

Who may attend: Entire families
Length: Seven 2-hour sessions
Cost: $25 per individual or family
(covers registration and materials)
Program brochure: English | Spanish
To participate in an upcoming class, you must first register with ESCAPE.

Call at (713) 942-9500